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8 Tips To Avoid Hidden Fees when Shopping for a Home Care Package Provider

8 Tips To Avoid Hidden Fees when Shopping for a Home Care Package Provider

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Choosing your Home Care Package Provider can be a time consuming, complicated and frustrating experience.  Unfortunately to make the process even more complex not all pricing is transparent. It’s important to ensure you are comparing apples with apples when you are comparing providers. We compiled eight tips we encourage you to enquire about before committing to a Home Care Package Provider to save hidden fees and additional costs.

Package Management (previously Administration) – Ask if the amount stated in the schedule of fees is an all-inclusive price and if there are any additional costs. For example, will you be charged a surcharge for every bill that requires to be paid through your home care package?

Care Management (previously Case Management) – Again, ask if the amount stated in the schedule of fees is an all-inclusive price. Some providers charge for every phone call and visit on top of the amount stated in the schedule of fees.

Travel Costs – Clarify if the provider charges for the travel time and/or KM’s taken by an employee to get to a client’s home.

Clinical Care – Have you access to direct Clinical Care (Registered Nurses) or is it brokered to another service?

Hours of Service – Confirm the number of approximate hours of service to be provided per week based on the level of the home care package assigned.

Access to other services- Can other services be accessed through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) whilst you await assignment of your approved level of home care package? For example: you are approved HCP Level 3, and you are only assigned HCP Level 1, you can obtain additional services through CHSP until the level 3 is assigned.

Minimum Service Time – Ask if there is a minimum service charge as some providers charge 1 hour when only a 15-minute visit is required.

Exit Fees – If you decide to switch to another provider, what fee will be charged to your package funds?

If you find the process overwhelming or have questions please call us on 1300 770 118.


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