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It is marvellous!

I would like to sincerely thank all NSW Home Support Staff for delivering exceptional care and services throughout the time Mum was with you. The standard of care and the professional management of services were outstanding. Regrettably Mum had to enter permanent residential care, something we were able to avoid for a long period of time due to your excellent care. Your work standards, ethics and ability to deal with issues as they arose provided assurance that Mum was in good hands. I readily recommend your service to others.

Your jobs have no doubt have been made more difficult due to COVID-19 and I hope the present difficulties will soon pass. In the mean time please be reassured that the wonderful assistance you are providing is enabling many to be able to continue to live in their own homes.

Please stay safe and well.

Lois Russell’ 99 years of age.

April 30, 2020

Amazing carers!

To dear Deb and all of your amazing carers.

On behalf of Mum, Julie & Kelly may I most sincerely thank you all for your kind dedicated care for Dad. Dad’s ‘nurses’ as he called them brightened his day every day & I am so grateful to you all. For all the Deb’s, Emma, Patti, Helen, Vicki, Gill, Amy, Nikki, Charmaine, and I am sure there are others whose names escape me, a heartfelt thanks for your care of Dad (George). With love and thanks.



HSS provided a full service!

Good Morning Graham,
Approximately 15 months ago, as a result of the less than satisfactory care my mother was receiving with the company she was then employing, we transferred the care of my 95 year old mother to HSS.
During those 15 months with HSS the level of care has been excellent.
At 95 years of age continuity of support for Jean was extremely important.
HSS were able to provide a dedicated team of four very supportive cares plus two reserves to cover holidays etc instead of the revolving door policy of different carers almost weekly which my mother had started receiving from her previous company.
In addition value for money was important.
Previously, even on a level 5 government support package my Mother had suffered reduced service to try and fit within the package funding.
However with HSS full service was provided with a significant level of funding still left in surplus to cover emergency situations.
Edna and I would both like to express our sincerest thanks to you and the entire HSS staff for providing an exemplary level of caring support to my mother Jean Mackintosh for the last 15 months prior to her passing on February 14th 2019. Thank You!

Richard and Edna Mackintosh

April 26, 2019

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